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Quality White & Colored Sebastopol Geese

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"They look like they're wearing wedding dresses"


Gander "Saffron"

What is more charming than
a pastoral scene with a gaggle
of geese?  Make those Sebastopol
geese and you will have surreal
looking, long, flowing feathered
beauties whose charm and presence
is unrivaled by any other breed of
geese. To top it off they are generally
intelligent, people loving, gentle
and quiet geese when raised with
a loving hand.

"Meringue" pict. on right


Sebastopol Goose "Treasure"
Bred by Audrey Overton.
Sadly Treasure died spring 2011.
She will be greatly missed.

"Sebs" are classified as a medium size goose.
They are good foragers so once started,
if you have plenty of grass you will
a low feed bill Spring - Fall.
They stay sparkling white if
provided with fresh
 bathing water daily. 
A pond is not required
to keep any waterfowl
happy & clean.
A plastic kiddy pool or large
feed pan with fresh water
is all they need to stay clean.
Due to their unique feather
mutation Sebastopols are flightless









I love my Sebastopol geese!  They are so intelligent!
As soon as they hatch they are looking at you and talking to you.
There is just something very endearing about them.
Geese are very people loving and far more personable
than a chicken or duck when bonded to humans at birth.

"Sleeping Beauty"


Sebastopol Youngsters ~ Winter Walkabout 2005
My first goslings from Carla Mitchell

A big thanks to Carla Mitchell
for my start in Sebastopol Geese!

"Winter Fantasy"
© 2007

Winter 2008 - a few of my sweet girls.
Doesn't look like somebody dumped a pile of feathers on top of them?

Coriander, Tiara & Chiffon

People often ask me how I get such long and profuse feathers on
my Sebastopols and why they always look so clean and white.
While genetics and proper management determines the look and condition of any bird
providing FRESH, CLEAN WATER DAILY  encourages bathing and preening which helps
keep their feathers in beautiful and clean condition.
Even during the worst part of winter I try to fill their bathing pools a few times a week.
Sebastopols are in prime condition after they molt (post breeding season) and re-grow their feathers,
 so by October - November here in the mid west, they're at their peak re-growth loveliness.  
Keep in mind during the breeding season and winter months a lot
of wear and tear takes its toll on their long feathers so don't expect your
Sebastopols do not look like the geese on my website
 year round.
Obviously I usually post photos of my birds when most are in peak condition although I also feature
taken late winter and during the breeding season with birds in lesser condition
or in various stages of juvenile feathering growing, molt and re-growth.

Tip: I feed whole oats in addition to multi-flock pellets which is a great feather building/conditioning grain.
My geese do not  get any corn even during the winter months.

Winter 2008
"White on White"

 Soufflé ~ 2005 Goose
An example of what I call "deluxe pet quality"

February 2010
Tresor, Treasure & Ivy

Thanks to Patti Zimmerman for allowing me to purchase
2011 curly white goose "PatTZ "
2011 Reserve Grand Champion Medium Goose
(all breeds/350 geese) at Crossroads of America Show.


Summer 2012/yearling update on PatTZ (AKA Patti) bred by Patti Zimmerman.

I couldn't be happier.  She is blossoming into a lovely balanced goose with a great personality.

Sadly my sweet Patti passed away in spring 2015.
Miss you girl.

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2010 Cottage Rose Gander
pict. at 4 months old

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